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Water Birthing Is A Great Alternative To Epidural

alternatives to epidural
The birth of your child is an undoubtedly beautiful moment for any expectant mother. Whether it is your first, or a little brother or sister, this time can be one of the most magical in a woman’s life. However, labor and delivery can also be an intimidating experience, as it is not called labor because it’s easy! While many women choose to relieve the pain of labor with an epidural, water birthing is a method of labor and delivery that has been gaining serious popularity in recent years. Water birth is a great alternative to epidural because the water helps to dull the pain of labor, while also keeping you alert and aware of the entire labor and delivery experience.

Many women have taken interest in natural childbirth in recent years, and have begun opting out of receiving an epidural for their labor and delivery. Women choose to do this for a multitude of reasons; some may want to feel the full experience of birth, some may worry about dangers associated with epidurals, and some may want to keep the experience as natural as possible. Water birth has risen in popularity because being in the water is a natural way to help with labor and delivery pains, as it also can help to relieve other bodily stresses caused by birthing a child.

As a woman is in her later stages of pregnancy, right up to delivery, she may feel quite large and heavy. With water birth, the water provides natural buoyancy that will help the woman to feel lighter and more comfortable during her labor and delivery. This added element of comfort will aid the woman in relaxing while laboring and delivering her baby, for a more pleasant birth experience.  Also, water can help to promote healthy blood flow to the muscles, which allows for optimal oxygen levels and a more relaxed overall experience.

Many hospitals offer the option of water birth, and some birthing tubs are even covered by medical insurance providers. This allows for women to be able to go through labor and delivery under the care of their doctors, while still being able to participate in a water birth. Although water birth is a great alternative to epidural, water birthing may not be suitable for every woman, and the option to go through with a water birth should always be discussed with your doctor. 

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